Angela Dello MSW, LCSW

Why Therapy

We all find ourselves at points in our lives when the struggles we face are greater than our ability to cope. During times like this, parts of us may begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed and/or just confused.

Psychotherapy is a process that can help provide clarity and a greater awareness of self. Ultimately, this can help reduce distressing feelings and allow us to be more present in our lives and make better choices.

What to Expect

Many people come to a therapist's office filled with anxiety about what will happen there and what is expected of them.

During the initial visits, we will discuss what has brought you into therapy and how you have dealt with these problems so far including any treatment you have experienced and any medications you have tried or are presently taking. We will also discuss your goals for therapy. Flexibility is important, so we will be assessing and reassessing these goals throughout treatment.